inspired by our life.



It has always been to produce awesome products for the dynamic urban lifestyle of the modern woman.

Selected works:

Diamond Collection

"Explore the exquisite and unique pieces that make up KLee's Diamond Collection, a stunning selection that is sure to impress. These relics are not just beautiful objects, but also serve as tangible vessels of cherished memories, trips, and stories, passed down to future generations. Each piece is a true treasure that will continue to hold sentimental value for years to come."

Seven sea Collection

Within this collection, one can discover a captivating selection of simple yet delicately crafted jewelry pieces. These designs are perfect for women who embody a classic style, while also embracing a spirit of adventure. Inspired by the essence of water and the boundless oceans, these jewels are versatile and suitable for year-round wear.

Mystic Collection

Embark on a mystical journey with our enchanting Mystic Collection. Discover a captivating assortment of jewelry pieces that exude an aura of intrigue and allure. Each design is carefully crafted to embody the mystic elements, blending elegance with a touch of magic. Whether you seek a piece that enhances your everyday style or adds a touch of enchantment to a special occasion, the Mystic Collection offers an array of exquisite choices. Let the power of these captivating jewels transport you to a realm of wonder and fascination.

Seven sea Collection
Adjustable   ·  Plated Gold    ·  Sea Wave

Mystic collection

Adjustable   ·  Plated Gold    ·  Mystic Collection
Diamond Collection
Adjustable   ·  Plated Gold    ·  Diamond Collection

Inspired by our multi-ethnic life,
we create fine jewelry to share our wonderful tales…