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Modular fine jewelry

Klee manages to fuse, in limited editions, exclusive materials such as leather, silver, Swarovski crystals and minerals from different parts of the world with a special handmade touch.

Keilley Lee Marques, a Brazilian designer based in Barcelona, ​​adores jewelry, which is why, through careful and simple designs, she comes to highlight the unique qualities of exclusive materials.

Klee’s art is also in the ability to mix materials full of emotion: river pearls, silver, crystals, leather and different types of minerals.

Klee’s pieces manage to captivate due to their simple design and the use of unique materials, always in limited editions and handmade.

Along with beautiful pieces of jewelry, Klee offers various accessories designed for modern and cosmopolitan men and women.


Our visionary founder, Keilley Lee Marques, is a Brazilian entrepreneur driven by a resolute desire to share her unique design perspective and experiences with the world.

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