The KLee jewelry can last for a long time, keeping its same shine and initial texture. However, they are accessories that need proper care to keep them in an optimal state.

For this reason we give you these tips so your accessories last.

Avoid using your costume jewelry accessory during housework, cleaning vehicles, bathrooms, swimming pool or any similar situation.

Avoid contact of the jewel with water or substances containing chemicals, because they can stain, opacize or oxidize it (perfumes, creams, dyes, hair sprays, detergents, polishing agents, carbonate, lemon, soap dish, acid, Mercury, etc.)

Do not sleep or bathe with the jewelry on.

Do not clean with detergent and do not use jewelry cleaners.

You can clean your jewelry with a soft, dry cloth, without rubbing too much. (In our shop you will find a perfect cloth for this task).

If it is possible once you remove it give a cleaning to remove the agents of the PH that make it darken faster.

There are certain people who have a stronger character than others, and this makes your body emanate more acid than normal. These people need to change their jewelry more frequently so as not to damage it due to PH.

To store your accessories, place them in a dry place. If possible use an individual case to save each game and avoid rubbing between them as some pieces can scratch others. A cloth bag with rice and a packet with anti-humidity agents can help keep the pieces in perfect condition for much longer
Use them preferably as a decorative accessory, “adornment” of eventual use.

Open and close clips and clips carefully as they are delicate pieces.

The continuous use of it, could alter its bath of gold or silver, deteriorating it of this form.

Switch your jewelry frequently and they will last you forever!