How to take care of jewelery so that it lasts longer

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We love it, but it’s so short-lived that it sometimes starts turning black after just one use. We tell you  how to take care of jewelry so that it lasts longer .

If one day we go out to buy clothes, the most likely thing is that we will return home with some  jewelry . The designs are more and more modern and the prices are lower and lower… But their life is very short. Raise your hand if you don’t have drawers full of rings that are missing stones, bracelets that have turned black, and necklaces that we no longer know if they were gold or silver.

It is true that it is not eternal, as is said of jewels, but if we know how to take care of  jewelery we will be able to extend its life a little.

1) Before putting on your piece of  jewelry for the first time  , what you have to do is  give it a layer of  transparent nail polish . With this it will be as if you were varnishing it. This operation must be repeated from time to time, especially if it is something that you wear frequently.

2)  Never wash your hands , shower or scrub the pots and pans with  jewelry  on. If you don’t notice and it gets wet, dry it as soon as possible. Don’t leave it in the bathroom either because the steam from the shower water spoils it.

3) To take care of your pieces of  jewelry , do not take it to the gym or in any other activity in which you suspect that you are going to sweat. Sweat discolors the piece and leaves it dull.

4) Do not wear  necklaces ,  chains  or  earrings  immediately after applying cream or perfume, let the product dry beforehand. In the same way, never wear perfume with  jewelry  on.

5) At home, keep them in a drawer, in individual bags or boxes. It is about not giving them light and air so that they do not rust, and that they are not in contact with other metal parts.

6) To clean them, periodically wipe them with a cotton or felt cloth, simply rubbing.

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